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Not All Biminis Are Created Equal

There are many opportunities to cut corners in the manufacturing of Bimini tops. For example, manufacturers could use inexpensive fabric that is not waterproof and will fade in the sun. They could use cheap hardware made with plastic that is susceptible to breaking. The support poles that hold up the Bimini top could be made to an inadequate thickness and feel flimsy and unsupportive...

At National Bimini Tops, we take pride in our products and we will never cut corners in the quality of our manufacturing, which allows us to offer customers the best Bimini Tops that we would feel confident using on our own boats.

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What’s All The Hype About Solution-Dyed Fabric?

Solution-dyed is the crème de la crème of fabric dyeing, and here is why. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that begins in liquid form. When something is solution-dyed it means that the color dye is added during the liquid stage prior to being cooled, and then it is spun into yarn. In essence, the color is actually part of the actual fibers produced.

The traditional method of dyeing fibers involves first producing the fiber, and then adding the color afterward. So when the fiber is produced it is in a colorless form somewhere between a grey and a beige (greige!) color. The fiber is then dipped into the color dye to add the desired color.

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The Privacy Room for Boats

When you are out on the water for a day of boating with friends and there are miles of water surrounding you, it is nice to have a private place to go to change in and out of your bathing suit.

It is cumbersome to try to hold a towel around you as you shimmy your wet bathing suit from the grips of your skin. And if you have children you know that they are often the most modest of us all.

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How To Install A Bimini Top

At National Bimini Tops, we carry Bimini tops for 2, 3 and 4 bow boats and pontoons, as well as Bimini tops for ski towers and T-Tops. Choose from a variety of brands, including Summerset, Summerset Elite (our top seller), and National Bimini Tops own brand.

Our top-of-the-line Bimini tops are constructed with marine-grade Sunbrella and Summerset materials to ensure high performance and low maintenance. Each brand features powerful UV, mildew, and water resistant fabrics with durable 1” thick SuperTrude extruded aluminum frames that outperform other Bimini top frames.

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