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When you purchase a Bimini top from National Bimini Tops, we give you a free, easy fit installation kit and this instructional video to make Bimini top installation easy.

At National Bimini Tops, we carry Bimini tops for 2, 3 and 4 bow boats and pontoons, as well as Bimini tops for ski towers and T-Tops. Choose from a variety of brands, including Summerset, Summerset Elite (our top seller), and National Bimini Tops own brand.

Our top-of-the-line Bimini tops are constructed with marine-grade Sunbrella and Summerset materials to ensure high performance and low maintenance. Each brand features powerful UV, mildew, and water resistant fabrics with durable 1” thick SuperTrude extruded aluminum frames that outperform other Bimini top frames.

There is no question that National Bimini Tops come loaded with those extra features that take a product from good to great. For example, National Bimini Tops come with four sewn-in D-rings to easily attach a Drybag, storage sack, or just about anything that hooks.

Our Bimini tops also come with an upgraded mount that swivels 180 degrees so your Bimini top can be installed anywhere – not just the top of the boat console.

All National Bimini Tops are made using solution-dyed fabric, because we believe in the long-term integrity of our products. Solution-dyed means that the color is actually added to the liquid state of the fiber components before the fiber is actually produced so the dye penetrates all the way through each individual thread. Therefore, solution-dyed fibers are much more resistant to fading or color bleeding than other fibers.

At National Bimini Tops, we stand behind the quality and construction of our products 100% so our customers are always covered.

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