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Solution Dyed Fabric


Solution-dyed fabric is like green tea; we like it because we know it’s good, but we may not know why it’s good.

What we do know is that companies like to announce when their products are made with solution-dyed fabrics, so it must be good.

But why is it good?

  • Is it a better technique than other dyeing techniques?
  • Is it more durable?
  • Is it helping to save the environment?

One could argue that the answer to all of these questions is YES.

Solution-dyed is the crème de la crème of fabric dyeing, and here is why. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that begins in liquid form. When something is solution-dyed it means that the color dye is added during the liquid stage prior to being cooled, and then it is spun into yarn. In essence, the color is actually part of the actual fibers produced.

The traditional method of dyeing fibers involves first producing the fiber, and then adding the color afterward. So when the fiber is produced it is in a colorless form somewhere between a grey and a beige (greige!) color. The fiber is then dipped into the color dye to add the desired color.

Let’s use an analogy: take a radish and a carrot, both decent vegetables to eat. If you cut open a radish, you will notice that only the outside of the radish is red and the inside is white, as if has been dyed using a traditional method. The radish looks as if it has been dipped in a vat of red dye.

If you cut into a carrot, it is orange all the way through like it has been solution-dyed.

Now That I Know What Solution-Dyed Means, What Are The Benefits?

In solution-dying, since the coloring goes through and through and isn't just applied to the surface of the material, the fabric retains its properties more than a stock-dyed fabric would when exposed to intense sunlight and air pollutants. Solution-dyed fabric is a top-performing fabric that won’t fade or stain.

Solution-dyed fabrics are some of the most colorfast fabrics in the world, and they are also known to be indestructible. You can even use bleach on solution-dyed yard without worrying about ruining it.

Solution-dyed fabrics are good for outdoor use because the sun won’t fade the material and it is easy to clean with bleach if there are stains from bird droppings or dirt and mildew.

Summing up the benefits of solution-dyed fabrics:

  • Won’t fade
  • Won’t color bleed
  • Stain resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Better for the environment (we are getting to that)

Solution-Dyeing Reduces the Environmental Footprint

Solution-dyeing saves both water and energy since it requires no liquid dyeing, rinsing, and machine drying. Traditionally dyed fabric or yarn must be washed over and over again in hot water, creating large amounts of wastewater and a drain on electricity. According to Universal Fibers, solution-dyeing is a dyeing technology that saves up to 60 percent in water usage, and offers a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional dyeing processes.

Eevelle Uses Solution-Dyed Products

At Eevelle, we take the quality of our products very seriously. Since we are an outdoor cover and gear company, most of our products are exposed to outdoor elements. This is why it is important to us that we manufacture our products using only the best fabrics with a solution-dye technique.  

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